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Carlson LandfillGrade Machine Guidance: Position Partners

Machine guidance technology can have a significant impact on your bottom line, with the ability to drastically increase productivity and safety, while reducing fuel usage and machine wear, writes Andrew Granger, Position Partners Machine Guidance Product Manager. 

Carlson’s LandfillGrade solution was specifically designed for landfill operations. Unlike other solutions that are adapted from civil earthmoving applications, Carlson’s product caters for the machinery, materials and desired reporting that are unique to landfill sites.

With real time knowledge of material placement, operators can work efficiently to the survey design to increase density across cells and optimise compaction.

Accurate daily, weekly and monthly reporting tools to analyse material placement give managers more visibility across operations, to make informed decisions and manage more effectively.

Other benefits of the Carlson solution include:

  • Eliminating overfill for outer design slopes
  • Accurate recording of actual material placement
  • Safety enhancements through avoidance zones for gas wells and hazardous material placement
  • Keep on track of density with calculations of scale house weight and import
  • Forward and reverse compaction monitoring
  • Collect and stake points
  • Connect machines to the office via Tokara remote access network
  • Monitor machines in real time, from the office, with Carlson Command
  • Historical playback for machines and material placement

With branches in every state and territory of Australia, Position Partners also offers comprehensive support, training and data management services to give customers the back up and expertise required to get the most from machine guidance technology.

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