Carlson technology optimises landfill

landfill technology

For more than a decade, Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance technology has been a reliable solution for the waste management sector, optimising landfill cell compaction and increasing productivity.

Deployed and supported throughout Australia and New Zealand by Position Partners, Carlson LandfillGrade is a machine guidance solution designed specifically for landfill compactors. 

Unlike other systems that have been built for civil applications, the Carlson platform has proved a stable and fit-for-purpose option for waste management facilities of all sizes. 

“These days, software solutions are evolving rapidly with frequent updates, however this has not been necessary with the LandfillGrade solution,” says Denzil Khan, Product Manager at Position Partners. 

“We have customers throughout Australia and New Zealand who have been successfully using LandfillGrade for many years. It’s an easy-to-use, reliable system that consistently provides managers and operators with the results they need.”

landfill technology
Online tools give customers live production reports.

What has evolved over time, Denzil says, is the reporting and analytics capabilities provided by the company. 

“Each customer and site has different requirements and we pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to individual needs through our reporting and service offerings,” he says. 

Recent advancements in online dashboards and reporting tools have enabled Position Partners to offer customers live production reports for landfill sites, on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. 

“With relevant, real-time data displayed in a user-friendly interface, customers can make informed decisions and manage the site proactively, tracking airspace consumed per hour as the work is being done rather than after the fact.” 

Alternative technologies, such as survey drone flyovers, are limited in their reporting and operating conditions, Denzil says. Real-time reporting is not an option with these systems due to the post-processing of data after the flight. 

“As survey drones can only be operated during daylight hours, they are unsuitable for any sites running night shifts. Drones can also only operate in good weather and light winds, making them a less consistent option,” he says. 

With the prevalence of machine guidance systems in civil construction and earthmoving applications, Denzil says that operators are increasingly familiar with GPS technology and expect to use it when operating machines. 

“Many operators have a background in earthmoving and enjoy working with the technology as it gives them greater autonomy and job satisfaction that they are completing work to design.”  

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