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Caterpillar K Series Landfill Compactors

Caterpillar K series
Cat’s K series brings new advances to its reliable landfill compactor offering.

Cat has set the design standard for landfill compactors since 1978. The introduction of the K series provides further advances in terms of operator comfort and safety, ease of operation, durability, reliability, low-cost operation and productivity.

For fuel-saving performance, the K series compactors feature an Eco Mode, which, when selected by the operator, limits engine speed and allows the machine to function in auto-shift mode when maximum torque is not required.

For operator convenience, the left pedal serves as a brake, transmission neutraliser and engine decelerator. This can temporarily override the engine speed set with the throttle lock for safe movement around obstacles. The STIC system allows single-lever steering and transmission control.

The new design offers the driver an easier entrance and exit from the cab with lighted, shallow-angle stairways and a STIC armrest that folds away.

Specialised guarding protects the internal systems and components from job-site hazards, such as debris build-up, chemicals, and materials that might wrap around wheel assemblies.

Hydraulically actuated engine and power-train guards shield components and resist debris build up. Front-frame guards further prevent trash build-up in those elements and add protection for hydraulic lines. A fine-mesh air-inlet screen prevents material from entering the engine compartment.

It also includes three new wheel-and-tip configurations to improve machine performance and to meet individual landfill applications.

To promote the safety of personnel servicing these machines, routine maintenance points are grouped and accessible from ground level or from non-skid walkways with handrails. Swing-out doors on both sides of the engine compartment provide easy access to daily service checks, and ecology drains simplify service and help prevent spills. An available swing-out stairway facilitates access to the engine. In addition, swing-out coolers for fuel and hydraulic fluid simplify cleaning, and a ground-level power service centre has an electrical-disconnect, emergency-engine-shutdown and stairway-light switches.

To further complement serviceability, the Cat Vital Information System integrated into the design keeps operators informed about machine operating conditions via an easy-to-view graphic display that features a touchscreen interface.

Learn more on the Cat website.

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