capelletto anniversary

KOR attends Cappellotto anniversary

In October, KOR directors and owners Stephen Pewtress and Marcus Birrell attended Cappellotto’s 70th anniversary celebration and grand opening of the manufacturer’s new production facility at Villafranca, Italy.
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plastic pollution myths

UN experts warn of toxic tidal wave of plastic

The world must beat the toxic tidal wave of plastic pollution that threatens human rights, UN experts said, urging states and other stakeholders to put rights at the centre of the international treaty on plastic pollution currently under negotiation.
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plastics and circular economy

ANZPAC Plastics Pact releases Impact Report

The ANZPAC (Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands) Plastics Pact has released the first ANZPAC Impact Report, providing a crucial look at how the region is progressing towards the development of a circular economy for plastic.
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nappy waste

The house that nappies built

Up to eight per cent of the sand in concrete and mortar used to make a single-storey house could be replaced with shredded used disposable nappies without significantly diminishing their strength, according to a study published in Scientific Reports.
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satellite used to monitor waste

Satellites used to monitor waste sites on Earth

A new computational system uses satellite data to identify sites on land where people dispose of waste, providing a new tool to monitor waste and revealing sites that may lead plastic into waterways.
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Wastewater key to COVID-29 detection on flights trial

Wastewater key to COVID-19 detection on flights

Research from the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), in conjunction with Qantas and the University of Queensland, has led to the development of wastewater surveillance on flights.
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