plastic pollution myths

The Last Word: Busting plastic pollution myths

Mike Ritchie, Managing Director MRA Consulting Group, explains why stopping plastic pollution is a four-legged chair – better recycling, bans, pollution enforcement and international aid. Read More
waste industry fire

Waste industry draws fire

Victorian Waste Management Association Executive Officer Brett Lemin talks about the importance of industry being aware of its obligations and equipped with the knowledge to prevent factory fires. 
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WRIWA reviews state strategy

Waste and Recycling Industry Association of Western Australia President Mike Harper reviews the state’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 and the impact of export bans.
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funding to tackle plastic waste

Regulation needed to advance circular economy

Recycling is one link in the circular economy – but it’s the link that closes the loop. Suzanne Toumbourou, CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling, talks about the importance of regulatory support and end markets. Read More
organics circular economy

Organics and the circular economy

Organics recycling is a perfect example of the circular economy in action. John McKew, National Executive Officer, Australian Organics Recycling Association, explains.
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circular economy legislation

Measuring the circular economy

Dr Georgina Davis, Chief Executive Officer of the Waste Recycling Industry Association Queensland, says Australia can’t afford to wait for a perfect circular economy policy.
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