ALLU variable drum

New ALLU variable drum saves time and money

In today’s time-sensitive landscape, uptime and efficiency are vital to the success of any earthmoving enterprise. ALLU’s range of Transformer processing buckets caters for just that, and more.
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KOR networking and demonstration day

Industrial equipment supplier KOR will host another networking and demonstration day on Thursday, 16 March at its Queensland site in Yatala. With a range of equipment and accessories on display, along
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CJD equipment


The LG946L loader is an Australian favourite due to its versatility and performance. Ideal for loading and unloading loose materials, it is widely used in the recycling sector, on farms, small mine plants,
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Genox pelletising system

Genox underwater pelletising system

More than 300 companies in Australia have Genox recycling equipment installed, making it one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of recycling machinery. 
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