A new generation of aerial surveying solutions

Landair Surveys (Wantirna, VIC) is about to introduce a new generation of aerial surveying solutions for their clients.

The company reports its newly-purchased Leica RCD30 airborne camera has improved turnaround time by up to 67 per cent.

Designed for photogrammetric and remote sensing applications, Landair says the brand new Leica equipment will be fitted to Landair’s aircraft.

Erik Birzulis, managing director of Landair Surveys, says that after rigorous testing and commissioning of the unit, the company will offer new benefits through the product.

These include a faster turnaround time – full integration with software workflow resulting in urgent products being completed on the same or next day, reduced impact for the client’s operation team and reduced risk associated with site access issues. An improved camera sensor means surveying can be done in less favourable lighting conditions, while a shorter processing time is achieved by integrating cloud-based IT solutions.

“For example, instead of shipping a hard drive to the head office by overnight courier, the data will be uploaded to Landair’s servers within minutes,” Eric says.

“Additional surveying services will be offered, for example, 3D point clouds for easier visualisation, or thanks to the new NIR (near-infrared) feature, vegetation health analysis.”


Sennebogen 818 E-series

The Sennebogen 818 E-series builds on more than 60 years of experience in the design and construction of purpose-built materials handling machines.

To maximise performance, the 818 E-series has improved fuel efficiency, operating comfort, maintenance and service and a range of other areas. The diesel engine features an automatic idle reduction, shut down and performance optimisation aimed at reducing fuel consumption. Eco Mode intends to increase fuel savings by up to 20 per cent during operation. The operating comfort of the 818 E-series has been improved through a hydraulically elevated cabin, offering an operator eye level of approximately 5600mm. Meanwhile joystick steering control offers maximum visibility and a clutter-free cabin. The safety of the materials handler has been bolstered through a sliding door for cabin entry, an emergency cabin lowering function accessible at both ground level and inside the cabin and two 115° cameras to the right and rear of the machine. Maintenance and service has also been maximised through all daily service checks easily accessed from ground level on the machine, a straight forward and clearly labelled electrical system and a low percentage of proprietary parts.

Sennebogen National Business Development Manager Neil Adlam says the 818 E-series offers an uncompromised high performance in all critical areas of material handling excellence.

“The total Sennebogen package is supported locally by the dedicated team at Pacific Materials Handling, with national branches and local technicians to support any requirements.”