Fashioning cotton gin

Researchers at Deakin University are transforming cotton gin trash into a bioplastic film and creating reuse potential for the global problem of textile waste.   

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Shaping the sector

Waste Management Review catches up with Sustainability Victoria CEO Stan Krpan to discuss his achievements in waste over the past decade as he moves on to Solar Victoria.

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Is your bin healthy?

The City of Swans latest waste education initiative, which involves auditing the contamination levels of household bins, has led to a 53 per cent decrease in recycling bin contamination.

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Where to from here?

Dick Gross, City of Port Phillip Mayor, explains the mechanisms required to help local governments overcome kerbside recycling market failures. Read more

Lifting the bar

Waste Management Review speaks to Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia CEO Gayle Sloan on her experiences leading the association. Read more

Microfactories in fashion

Researchers at the University of New South Wales Sydney have developed a new microfactory to transform fashion into useful building products. Read more

The Fight Food Waste CRC roadmap

The first-ever cooperative research centre for food waste reduction, the Fight Food Waste CRC, lays out its strategy to reduce product losses across the supply chain. Read more

An enduring career

Waste Management Review speaks to BOC’s Jacquie Hiller about how the gas and engineering company is reducing its carbon footprint. Read more

Packaging into value

A total of $6.8 million over five years will be invested into converting biomass and plant-based matter into a variety of new materials and products. Read more