talis consultants waste management

Talis Consultants help solve waste management

Australia’s waste management and resource recovery landscape has undergone rapid transformation in the past few years. As the nation takes responsibility for its waste, the environmental and regulatory goal posts continue to change. That’s where Talis Consultants comes in.
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Remondis - Melbourne - Australia

REMONDIS Australia

As one of the world’s largest privately run recycling, service, and water companies with business locations in over 30 countries across four continents, REMONDIS has the scale to make a difference.
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A micro solution to our waste

The University of New South Wales Sydney’s Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology has developed a new way to disrupt the traditional manufacturing sector with in-house recycling.
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TANA Shark waste shredder

Recycling rates are increasing globally and new possibilities for using waste as a resource are opening up every year.
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On an upward trend

A trustworthy product is crucial for subcontractors working in the recycling industry, according to waste transporter Bettatrans, which turned to UD Trucks to service its needs.
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Binning the old landfill approach

Managing a landfill past its expected lifespans can result in some unexpected costs. Eric Mead, of HDR Inc, explains how councils and private sector companies can better plan for the future.
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