Webinar: unlocking the benefits of Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite

In an upcoming webinar, Mandalay Technologies will explore the common considerations when reviewing facility software and the benefits waste facilities can gain from its Facility Product Suite.

Held 21 July, Mandalay CEO Simon Kalinowski and Head of Customer Rosemary Black will discuss a number of key challenges, why they matter and how Mandalay can help organisations overcome them.

Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite is a cloud-based solution offering an interface to process transactions, capture data at manned and un-manned facilities and record data according to both state-based and national regulatory requirements.

“At the same time, the system provides admin and management teams with the ability to access and manage data across multiple facilities and locations,” Black told Waste Management Review.

“Working in conjunction with Mandalay’s range of extension products, waste data can be transformed into powerful information.”

Topics of discussion will include the role of useful, accurate and accessible data, pain points such as facility software needing to comply with regulatory requirements, and the pitfalls of manually entering data into financial systems.

To register click here or for more information visit Mandalay’s website

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CEA to commence distribution of Komptech

Leading agriculture and construction equipment distributor CEA has commenced operations as the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Komptech waste recycling and Ditch Witch underground construction equipment.

Earlier this year, CEA agreed to purchase well-known distributor ELB Equipment. The transaction was completed 2 July.

As part of the acquisition, CEA will also become the distributor of Diamond Z, Screenpod, TrackStack, Hammerhead, Ring-O-Matic and Subsite.

“We are really pleased to add these strong brands to our product portfolio,” CEA CEO Hylton Taylor said.

He explained that as a growing business, CEA is continually looking at how it can better meet the needs of the evolving market.

“Adding strong, well established brands to our portfolio strengthens our ability to support our diverse range of existing customers and provides the opportunity to interact with a whole new client base,” Taylor said.

As part of the acquisition, 55 employees from ELB Equipment will transition to CEA, ensuring key product knowledge and strong customer relationships are retained within the business.

ELB Equipment Managing Director Christopher Malan said ELB was excited to be joining CEA.

“CEA is well known for its professionalism, extensive focus on core product lines, and supporting its staff to carry out their integral roles within the business,” he said.

“The ELB team is really looking forward to coming together with CEA to collaborate and build on the Ditch Witch and Komptech brands here in Australia and New Zealand.”

ELB Equipment’s head office and administrative staff will commence relocating to CEA’s head office in Horningsea Park, Sydney this month.

It is anticipated that all ELB Australian facilities will be consolidated with their CEA counterparts within 18 months.

Taylor said it is a priority of the business to ensure minimal disruption and downtime as the transition takes place.

“There will be a period of transition over the coming months as we move the ELB team in to the CEA premises, but I am confident we can complete this quickly and with minimal disruption,” he said.

“Since first announcing the acquisition, we have received extremely positive feedback from the market, and we are looking forward to the future opportunities this will present to the CEA business.”

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$190m recycling fund to turbo charge recycling capacity

The Federal Government’s new $190M Recycling Modernisation Fund will generate $600 million of recycling investment and drive a billion-dollar transformation of Australia’s waste and recycling capacity.

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Prime Creative Media surveys business leaders across 15 industries on effects of COVID restrictions and prospects for recovery 

From 28 May to 5 June 2020, Prime Creative Media surveyed more than 2200 business leaders across 15 industries, to capture sentiment as the country began to lift COVID-19 restrictions.

The results paint a relatively positive picture of an industrial landscape experiencing its first recession in almost three decades. Just two-thirds of respondents reported a downturn in business, with almost 10% noting an increase in business. Almost half of all businesses said that they were still looking to invest, a strong sign about the future of Australian industrial sectors. Respondents were also generally supportive of the Federal Government’s response, with three quarters saying it was either strong or acceptable.

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MWRRG announces shortlist for advanced waste processing facility

The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) has announced a shortlist of companies to develop an alternative to landfill in Melbourne’s south east.

In March 2020, MWRRG called for expressions of interest for solutions to provide an alternative to landfill for 16 councils.

After a competitive tendering process, three companies have been shortlisted to join the solution development stage of the procurement: Veolia Environmental Services Australia, Sacyr Environment Australia and a Pacific Partnerships and REMONDIS consortium.

According to a MWRRG statement, landfills in the south east of Melbourne are filling up and no more are planned to be built.

“Household rubbish in the 16 councils is projected to increase by 40 per cent over the next 25 years,” the statement reads.

“Veolia Environmental Services Australia, Sacyr Environment Australia and Pacific Partnerships and REMONDIS will work with the 16 councils to develop an advanced waste processing solution that delivers environmental, economic and social benefits to the community.”

MWRRG said the best outcomes will be achieved by minimising waste and reusing or recycling, with leftover material managed through advanced waste processing.

“Advanced waste processing will help the Victorian government deliver on its circular economy strategy – Recycling Victoria – a 10 year plan that will completely overhaul Victoria’s recycling sector and reduce waste going to landfill,” the statement reads.

“Advanced waste processing solutions will play a significant role in achieving the new target to divert 80 per cent of household rubbish from landfill by 2030.”

The advanced waste processing procurement will ensure facilities meet best-practice environment protection requirements and energy efficiency standards, and do not displace or inhibit innovation to reduce or recycle materials.

Additionally, the procurement will ensure the facilities reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to the waste and energy services they displace.

“Advanced waste processing technologies have been used successfully and safely overseas for years as an alternative to landfill,” the statement reads.

“The new facilities are expected to attract investment of around $650 million and create jobs during construction and permanent operating jobs.”

It is expected the process will take close to two years to reach a final tender stage, with a 20 to 25-year contract to be awarded by 2022. Construction is expected to commence in 2023.

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