lighting waste

Ecocycle calls attention to light recycling challenges

As the demand for energy-efficient lighting solutions increases, so too does the need for proper recycling methods for both LED and mercury-bearing lights. Unfortunately, these lights continue to be thrown into general waste, rather than available recycling channels, says Zoltan Sekula, of e-waste recycler Ecocycle.
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ACT landfill gas capture project

ACT expands landfill gas capture project

The ACT Government is driving a circular economy by expanding landfill gas capture at the Mugga Lane landfill, reducing emissions and providing reliable renewable energy that could power up to 10,800 homes each year.
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food waste

Geelong hospital treats food waste

Tonnes of food waste from the kitchen at Epworth Geelong is being converted to compost, reducing landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. In the longer-term, waste will be used to power local homes.
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