Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions

Isuzu helps drive success at Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions

In the less-than-glamorous application of liquid waste removal, it isn’t every company that would place such an aesthetic focus on their transport fleet. However, it’s a point of pride for Suzanne Magro, co-owner of Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions (ALWS).
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Isuzu waste trucks

Isuzu trucks boosting better waste solutions

Waste is often viewed as unsightly and undesirable, but it’s also an unavoidable outcome for any commercial or private industry. The management of waste is changing in Australia, with greener, cleaner options and businesses who aim to provide clever solutions to collect, recycle, and reduce the volume going to landfill.  
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solar-powered tracker

Geotab launches solar-powered asset tracker

The Geotab Inc solar-powered asset tracker TT600 series by Positioning Universal Inc (PUI) is now available on the Geotab Marketplace in Australia and New Zealand.
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