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Cat’s durable 966M Wheel Loaders

In the harsh and demanding environment of waste handling applications, operators require wheel loaders that can meet daily challenges.

With the high demands of inbound and outbound tonnages, feed line production rates and limited manoeuvring space, Cat’s 966M Wheel Loader provides safe, productive and reliable service.

The loader meets local emission standards and is designed to improve fuel economy while lowering long-term costs and facilitating un-interrupted performance.

The 966M is also equipped with new designed easy to load buckets and an integrated PAYLOAD system. Additionally, the loader features a next generation adjustable seat and a revolutionary suspension system. Controls are easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly with joystick steering.

The 966 Range offers a planetary transmission as standard, or an optional XE model where power is transmitted through a hydraulic variator unit alongside a parallel mechanical gear path to maximise transmission efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions at lower rpm, saving fuel by up to 25 per cent.

The Waste Handler configuration comes standard with specific industry guarding to protect critical areas of the machine for working in waste. Hydraulic cylinder guarding, front frame, powertrain and crankcase guarding are all included together with durable axle seal guards for added protection.

All Cat M Series Wheel Loaders meet or exceed safety standards in waste handling applications and include features such as a rear-view camera, reverse lighting, standard anchorage points and back-up alarms.

With up to 15 per cent lower maintenance costs, operators benefit from extended service intervals, which in turn, saves businesses time, money and energy.

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