Charities aim to tackle illegal “donation dumping” in WA

Charities aim to tackle illegal “donation dumping” in WA

Five leading charities have launched a new online hub to tackle the problem of illegal dumping of goods at donation points in Western Australia.

The Salvation Army, Good Samaritan Industries, St Vincent de Paul Society (WA), Anglicare WA, and the Spine and Limb Foundation have collaborated on a website – – that provides information and practical tools to make sure goods are donated responsibly, and can be used by charities to benefit the community.

The website was made possible by a $100,000 grant from the Western Australia Government through the Waste Authority.

Environment Minister Albert Jacob said the website would help to reduce illegal dumping at the charities’ premises.

“The website also has useful advice on how people can recycle goods that aren’t fit for donation. Charities have to cover the costs of disposing damaged or unsuitable items, which can run into thousands of dollars,” said Mr Jacob.

“Better disposal of goods will result in less waste going to landfill and support the valuable role these charities play in the community.”

The launch of the website complements the WA Government’s recent announcement of the Better Practice Program for Charitable Recyclers.

The program will include grants for charities to implement measures to discourage illegal dumping and offer rebates to participating charitable recyclers to reduce the cost of disposing of the illegally dumped waste at landfill sites.