Chinese Govt launches waste-free city plan

The Chinese Government has launched a pilot program to create a “no-waste city” to combat a growing backlog of waste.

According to a Reuters report, the environment ministry said the program of waste-free cities was designed to use resources more efficiently and eliminate growing health and environment risks from waste.

Ecology and Environment Minister Li Ganjie said the new program would aim to cut the amount of waste produced and improve treatment rates.

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This would see green development methods and lifestyles encouraged to minimise landfill volumes the reduce the environmental impact of waste.

Ten cities will be selected for phase one, which includes measures for better sorting, urban planning and constructing new treatment facilities, the environment minister said.

The Reuters report highlighted that despite China’s ban on the imports of solid waste, firms have argued China lacks the infrastructure and waste treatment for a profitable business. Earlier this month, China was reportedly aiming to build 100 new large-scale recycling “bases” by the end of 2020.

Since China’s ban on recyclables, other nations such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam have since launched their own policies to designed restrict international imports.

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