Clean Energy Regulator Announces Next ERF Auction

Clean Energy Regulator Chloe Munro ERF auction
The Clean Energy Regulator has announced the dates for the third Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction for carbon abatement contracts.

The next auction will take place on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 April 2016. Those intending to bring a new project to the third auction must apply for project registration by midnight (AEDT) on Wednesday 9 March 2016.

Chloe Munro, Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator, said: “We can already see that there is strong interest in the market for another auction. Participants that missed out at previous auctions are keen to have another opportunity to come forward and new projects are being registered every week.

“We understand that many potential participants will consider Emissions Reduction Fund projects in the context of their annual businesses planning cycle. We have set the date of the next auction well in advance to allow plenty of time to plan, register and qualify for the auction.”

Ms Munro also confirmed that the Regulator will hold a fourth ERF auction in the final quarter of the 2016.

“This will allow participants who don’t expect to be ready to bid in the current financial year to plan ahead for the next auction,” added Ms Munro.

The April 2016 auction will follow the same format as the second auction, in a single-round, pay-as-bid auction. The Regulator will release auction guidelines detailing the process before Christmas.

More details are available on the Clean Energy Regulator’s ERF auction website.

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