Cleanaway applies for licence to develop waste to energy facility

The EPA Victoria is assessing an application for a development licence of a Melbourne Energy and Resource Centre (MERC) that will be run by Cleanaway.

The facility from Cleanaway Operations would see up to 380,000 tonnes of waste material that would otherwise have gone to landfill used for energy. 

Cleanaways’ waste-to-energy process is forecast to generate approximately 46.3 megawatt (MW) gross of electricity, 4.7MW of which would be used to power the facility itself. 

The remainder of 41.6MW will be exported to the grid as base load electricity. 

In addition to the energy generated, waste ash produced from the process will be treated at the Cleanaway facility to be used as an alternative construction product. 

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Metals will be recovered from waste ash for recycling and sale.

If approvals are given, Cleanaway also intends that the remaining waste is used as an alternative construction product.

The ‘MERC’ is proposed for the suburb of Wollert. 

For more information about the application and the submission process, go to

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