Cleanaway to double renewable power generation for Melbourne

Transpacific CEO Vik Bansal

Cleanaway’s latest investment is slated to power more than 8,000 homes Melbourne each year.

The company will add four modules to its current gas regeneration capability, enabling it to repurpose landfill gas and produce more than 8.5 megawatts of electricity per hour. This will effectively double the power generation capacity at Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL) from today’s equivalent of 4,000 homes.

Clete Elms, Cleanaway General Manager for Victoria/Tasmania said the company’s decision to boost the waste to energy capability at MRL underlined its philosophy of treating waste as a sustainable resource wherever possible.

“It’s a significant capital investment we’re undertaking on behalf of the community because we believe in the principle of recovering, recycling and reusing waste throughout our operations and, where possible, through those of our customers”, he said.

“MRL is a highly sophisticated facility with best-practice systems and technology that ensures we’re able to manage and treat different types of waste safely and effectively. In this case, capturing and converting landfill gas into renewable energy brings tremendous environmental benefits for the community, while delivering more electricity to the grid”, said Mr Elms.

Cleanaway operates a national network of collection, processing, treatment and landfill assets from almost 200 locations across Australia.

Mr Elms said the company’s upgraded power generation capacity at MRL would be operational from mid-2017.

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