Cleanaway reopens Perth Material Recovery Facility

Cleanaway has officially reopened its Perth Material Recovery Facility, following a catastrophic fire in November 2019.

The $26 million facility has the capacity to process over half of commingled recycling from residents and customers across Western Australia, delivering up to 90 per cent recovery of reusable products.

“The fire was devastating and while our first priority was the safety of our team, we have worked tirelessly to restore Perth’s recyclables processing market capacity to the pre-fire level,” Cleanaway Western Australia and Northern Territory General Manager Brad Gornall said.

The modern design features and technology include optical sorting and various screening configurations to deliver a quality output of up to 99.5 per cent purity across all fibre and plastic outputs.

“Today we have officially reinstated the capacity for local governments throughout metropolitan and regional areas along with other customers to manage the recycling and recovery for households and commercial operators,” Gornall said.

A range of fire safety enhancements have been incorporated into the rebuild that go beyond what the National Construction Code requires.

“We believe we have a long-term role to play in Western Australia, ensuring recyclables processing capacity can continue to grow into the future, which is aligned to Cleanaway’s Footprint 2025 roadmap,” Gornall said.

“Furthermore we are also supporting the state government to realise the objectives and targets outlined in the 2030 Waste Strategy.”

Pictured: Cleanaway Western Australia and Northern Territory General Manager Brad Gornall.

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