Closing the loop on oil waste: Cookers

Cookers Bulk Oil System provides solutions to two of the food industries biggest polluters – packaging and residual oil.

Australia’s National Waste Policy aims to reduce the waste generated in the country by 10 per cent per person by 2030.

The Cookers Bulk Oil System is contributing to this goal by minimising the amount of oil packaging waste going to landfill each year. This is in addition to the large volume of used cooking oil being collected as opposed to being dumped in drains or waterways.

Traditionally, commercial cooking oil has been delivered in 20-litre tins which usually end up in landfill. When using tins there is often up to 200 millilitres of residual oil left in them. As a result, this oil also ends up in landfill.  

Hari Srinivas, Cookers National Quality and Safety Manager says the Cookers system provides an environmental and sustainable solution for both the tins and residual oil.

oil wasteThe supply of tins is still an option, however many businesses have converted to a bulk oil solution as the industry has a strong focus on sustainability initiatives.

Cookers supplies a complete cooking oil management system for foodservices such as restaurants, takeaways, hotels, caterers and food manufacturers. It is one of a few Australian businesses to hold an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.  

Cookers supply fresh oil and collect used oil in a bulk format in stainless-steel equipment provided on a free loan basis. Every drop supplied is used, as opposed to packaged oils where residual oil is left in the packaging.

The used cooking oil is recycled for the biodiesel industry, closing the loop on oil waste.

“Used cooking oil is now a valuable commodity and has another life in either renewable fuel manufacture or in livestock feed rations,” Hari says. “People are aware of its value and the fact that it is recyclable. This has led to vastly improved disposal practices.”

Cookers’ cooking oil is locally processed and only two weeks old at the time of delivery, ahead of fresh cooking oil industry standards. 

Scheduled deliveries provide two weeks’ worth of fresh oil. Oil is delivered direct from a food-grade truck to storage units in the kitchen. There is no heavy lifting and no spills. A computerised system then informs Cookers when the oil needs to be collected. 

oil wasteHari says Cookers is continually striving to improve its equipment offering as well as assisting its customers with oil management procedures designed to maximise the performance of the oil. One of the equipment offerings is a filtration system.

During the frying process, small particles including crumbs, chips and starch are left in the oil. In turn they burn and denigrate the oil quality causing it to break down quicker.

By using filtration, these particles are removed with the effect of extending the life of the oil and creating a cost saving.

“Anyone can supply cooking oil, but Cookers supply it in an effective way that takes care of safety, the environment and is food-grade,” Hari says. “We’re continually making it easy for the customers to manage their cooking oil system in a very effective way that can give them more confidence in the safety of their operations.”

The Cookers Bulk Oil System is available in the majority of areas in Australia, this includes all mainland cities, metropolitan and selected regional areas.  

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