Coles and BrewDog launch carbon negative beer

BrewDog Australia CEO Ed Bott with Lost Lager

A new Australian-made, carbon negative beer made with unsold bread from Coles supermarkets is rising to the growing customer demand for climate-positive liquor options.

Lost Lager is a collaboration between Coles Liquor and BrewDog Australia, the Brisbane-based operation of the Scottish carbon negative brewer.

The beer’s packaging is 99 per cent plastic-free, and any emissions BrewDog is unable to avoid in production are ‘double offset’ through tree planting schemes around the world.

Mia Lloyd, Coles Liquor Acting General Manager Customer, Trade Planning, and Insights, said customers frequently told Liquorland and First Choice Liquor staff they wanted to support brands that were taking action on the environment.

“This is not a fleeting consumer trend,” she said. “It’s a force that our customers are driving, and we can already see support for brands that have moved early to embrace sustainable packaging, waste reduction or renewable power.”

BrewDog also invests in several significant local reforestation projects, including the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia.

Additionally, in Australia, BrewDog donates the grain used in the brewing process to farmers as an alternative feedstock. In Scotland, the business owns more than 9000 acres of Scottish Highlands, which will be home to a reforestation and peatland restoration project to sequester carbon.

Ed Bott, BrewDog Australia Chief Executive Officer, said: “We see how engaged our Australian customers are in relation to issues such as waste and emissions reduction, and while we know we can’t save the world on our own, we’re proud that we’re doing our bit here in Australia and around the globe.”

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