Coles launches recycled plastic wine bottle

recycled plastic wine bottle

A wine bottle made entirely from Australian-sourced 100 per cent recycled PET plastic is helping to reshape the carbon footprint of wine.

A collaboration between sustainable packaging company Packamama and winemakers Accolade Wines and Taylors Wines, the eco-bottle is making its Australian market debut this month.

Banrock Station wines and Taylors’ One Small Step range will be available for sale in eco-bottles exclusively through select Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market stores nationally.

With a nod to tradition, the eco-bottle shares the classic high-shouldered silhouette of a traditional Bordeaux wine bottle. But side-on it has a slimmer, flatter profile that allows twice as many bottles to fit in a standard wine case – which means it’s much more efficient to transport.

Using recycled PET also saves weight. The bottles are 83 per cent lighter, reducing transport emissions as well as the energy in production and recycling. If both Accolade Wines and Taylors Wines switched entirely to eco-bottles, it would cut 250,000 kilometres of road freight a year or the equivalent of a semi-trailer travelling from Melbourne to Broome 50 times.

When customers are finished with their Banrock Station and One Small Step Wines, the empty bottle is fully recyclable, apart from the lid.

Santiago Navarro, Packamama’s Chief Executive and Founder, said while the shape of the eco-bottle is a departure from the traditional round wine bottle, he is confident the time is right for Australian winemakers to challenge a couple of centuries of tradition.

“Australia is globally recognised as a leader in wine packaging thanks to break-through innovations, including bag-in-box casks and screw-top caps for wines, and we are highly motivated to launch our climate-friendly bottle at Coles with Accolade Wines and Taylors Wines,” Navarro said.

Mia Lloyd, Coles Liquor Acting General Manager Customer, Trade Planning and Insights said it was exciting to be at the leading edge of packaging innovation with the eco-bottle.

Accolade Wines launched the eco-flat bottle two years ago in Europe and is on a mission to improve the sustainability of the wine industry. Sandy Mayo, Accolade Wines Global Chief Marketing Officer, said Banrock Station was chosen to launch the eco-bottle in Australia because the environmental credentials fit with the brand’s 25-year sustainability heritage.

The potential for the eco wine bottle to improve the carbon footprint for winemaking is important for Taylors Wines particularly given that viticulture is one of the most climate-sensitive agricultural businesses. But it’s not just the environmental credentials of the bottle that set it apart – the lighter, unbreakable recycled PET plastic bottle is more convenient for picnics or popping in the esky on holiday.

Mitchell Taylor, Taylors third-generation Winemaker and Managing Director, said the eco-bottle delivered a more sustainable bottle for consumers and provided another way for wineries to improve their carbon footprint.

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