Collaboration the key to success

Copper Rock Investments Managing Director John Mastroapaolo says productivity at his waste and recycling depot has increased 20 per cent as a result of purchasing a BOB MB 8 TAL Skiplift.

A strong relationship between contractors and manufacturers in the waste collection industry is paramount to improving productivity.

That is according to Vaclift Managing Director Jon Pamment and his client – Copper Rock Investments Managing Director John Mastroapaolo.

By bringing new products into the market, family-owned Australian manufacturing, importing and distributing company, Vaclift has continued to maintain its robust relationship with Copper Rock.

Jon Pamment says he is ecstatic to have entered the skiplift market with BoB Skiplifts which use telescopic arms to load multiple bins at once.

Vaclift has two models of skiplifts, including the BoB MB 8 TAL skiplift and MB 12 TAL, and John Mastroapaolo purchased the former in February of this year.

Skiplifts are predominately used for waste collection and recycling in Australia.

The main difference between the two is the BoB MB 8TAL skiplift has a lifting capacity of eight tonnes, compared to the MB 12 TAL which can lift 12.

John, of Copper Rock, runs a waste and recycling depot which also offers bin hire and garden supply, operating out of Melbourne’s south-east.

The pair have been working together for almost 10 years, and John says the company has always delivered a consistent product on time.

With more than 10 vehicles travelling through the city, John says Vaclift has previously provided a reliable and infallible hooklift.

“The advantage of a skiplifter over the other technologies that are out there is that they pick the container up and it remains parallel with the ground,” Jon adds.

“So if you have anything that’s likely to slide around or move, compared to a cable lift or a hooklift machine, it picks it up parallel and puts it on the back of a truck.”

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