Communities commit to WA better bins program

WA better bins

Five more local governments have committed to the WA Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program to implement a better way of sorting household waste.

The City of Nedlands, City of Subiaco, Town of Mosman Park, Shire of Esperance, and Town of Claremont join 18 other local governments that have already committed to the program since it was introduced in 2020.

Three of the local governments (Nedlands, Mosman Park, and Claremont) start the transition to three-bin FOGO services from a three bin garden organics service, while Subiaco currently provides a garden organics bag and Esperance has a two-bin system.

The commitment will also result in a moderate boost to local employment, with about eight new positions created.

Environment Minister Reece Whitby said FOGO services make a significant contribution to reducing household waste and reducing the amount of material being sent to landfill.

High performing FOGO services can achieve recovery rates of more than 65 per cent and make the single biggest contribution to achieving the waste strategy material recovery targets for municipal solid waste.

FOGO also delivers environmental benefits such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, while FOGO composting products can help soil quality and can be used locally. Recycling can support around three times the number of jobs compared to waste disposal.

The Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program helps local governments to transition to three-bin FOGO services consisting of a red-lid bin for general waste, a yellow lid bin for co-mingled recycling, and a lime green lid bin for food organics and garden organics.

The $20 million Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program is delivered by the Waste Authority and is a headline commitment in Western Australia’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030.

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