Compost Revolution

Food waste accounts for nearly half of average household waste and keeping this out of landfill can significantly reduce costs.

It is for these reasons that Compost Revolution has spent the past five years engaging more than 18,000 households across Australia to help scale organics recovery for councils. During this time, they say they’ve also managed to divert more than 4000 tonnes of food waste from landfill while saving councils more than $1 million in landfill costs. Designed with councils for councils, the Compost Revolution is an all-in-one education, infrastructure logistics and marketing program to scale home composting and worm farming in local government areas across Australia, helping councils achieve their waste and emissions targets while cutting costs.

Compost Revolution works with local government to tailor-make a program suited to their area. The organisation provides councils with real-time quantitative data, resident behavioural information and integrated social media platforms, allowing them to increase public education around composting. Real-time quantitative data uses industry-tested methodology to calculate the total kilograms of waste from landfills, carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions avoided, waste collection cost savings and the total number of households engaged.

The organisation’s online educational platform and home deliver service allows councils to run their own Compost Revolution. Residents can complete a quick online tutorial and quiz to learn about composting, worm farming or bokashi bins, then order and pay for their kit through an integrated e-commerce platform.

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