Consultation opens on NSW EPA draft Regulatory Strategy

The NSW EPA is committed to addressing the entire waste management system from minimising generation through to helping create sustainable markets for recycled materials, according to the authority’s new draft Regulatory Strategy.

To ensure its regulatory approaches support the reuse and proper disposal of waste, the EPA will also work with all levels of government, industry, the community, research and science sectors to drive future waste management and resource recovery.

“Individuals, businesses, and governments of all levels around the world have a role to play in supporting the circular economy to reduce waste and pollution,” the strategy reads.

“The challenge for regulation within a circular economy is to ensure that regulatory approaches support industry and innovation in the reuse and proper disposal of waste, while also not compromising on the measures in place to safeguard the environment and human health.”

The strategy, which is now open for public consultation, aims to improve environmental regulation now and for future generations by reflecting new and existing challenges in environmental regulation, and the EPA’s broader role beyond environmental compliance.

EPA Chief Executive Tracy Mackey said the strategy explains “what you can expect from the us, why we regulate, how we do it and who we work with.”

“As part of our commitment to becoming a world class regulator we are seeking feedback on this draft strategy to help inform our regulatory approach, the work that we prioritise, how we engage with our stakeholders and how we can improve regulation,” she said.

“I encourage everybody who is interested in the work of the EPA and in the health of our environment to take the time to read the strategy and to provide some feedback.”

The strategy outlines the seven elements of the EPA’s regulatory approach, which includes to listen, influence, enable, monitor, enforce, act and require, as well as the EPA’s objectives and commitments.

It also explores some of the environmental and regulatory challenges facing the EPA including protecting human health, degradation of our environment, ecologically sustainable development, reducing waste, climate change and environmental crime.

Public consultation on the draft Regulatory Strategy is open until 31 March 2021.

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