Containers for Change launches new collection service in WA

containers for change collection

Containers for Change has launched Containers for Change Collect, an on-demand collection service that allows Western Australians to return their 10 cent containers.

The new services is aimed at the 530 million 10-cent containers still going unreturned each year in the state, with 400 million of these being found in out-of-home settings, including the commercial sector.

Collect is a solution for offices, businesses, cafes, workplaces and wider locations. Since soft launching at the end of 2023, more than two million containers have been collected, with 80 per cent of those from commercial businesses.

To use the Collect service, Western Australians can book a collection through the Containers for Change WA app or through the Containers for Change website and then select a service provider in their local area.

There are 22 service providers across the state. Some operators are even offering to collect at no charge.

Environment Minister Reece Whitby said access and convenience to Containers for Change has never been easier.

Collect was established to provide an easy and convenient on demand service that guarantees 10-cent containers are recycled, said Tim Cusack, Chief Executive Officer WA Return Recycle Renew Limited, Scheme Co-ordinator of Containers for Change.

He said Containers for Change partnered with Brownes Dairy to celebrate the official launch of Collect as liquid paper board cartons are containers accepted by the scheme but are often returned less than others.

Brownes Dairy has also taken the lead in developing its own dedicated delivery service to enhance accessibility and convenience for customers in the Western Australia community, which aligns closely with the Collect service.

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