Cookers: Giving used cooking oil a new lease on life

used cooking oil

The Cookers Bulk Oil System isn’t just about efficient oil management in commercial kitchens; it’s a beacon of sustainability through oil recycling.

This innovative system extends its environmental impact beyond reduced packaging waste by actively facilitating used cooking oil recycling.

When a venue’s cooking oil reaches the end of its lifecycle, Cookers step in to provide a closed-loop system that simplifies the collection and recycling of used oil directly from the back of house.

Equipped with food-grade equipment to store the used cooking oil, venues benefit from hassle-free oil collection scheduled at their convenience, courtesy of Cookers’ distinct blue trucks.

Recycling used cooking oil

After collection, the used oil undergoes dewatering, decrumbing, and refining techniques to remove impurities and food particles to prepare it for the next phase. The result? Refined oil, ready to be repurposed.

This used cooking oil finds new life in diverse applications. It might be transformed into biofuel or used in animal feed formulations. Nevertheless, this closed-loop system redirects used oil away from landfills, granting it a second chance as a valuable resource.

What’s next?

Through active engagement in oil recycling, Cookers contributes to environmental conservation by repurposing previously discarded materials. However, to amplify the impact of oil recycling in commercial kitchens, raising broader awareness and providing education are crucial. Encouraging more establishments to adopt these systems and actively participate in the recycling process will further enhance the positive environmental effects.

In essence, practices such as oil recycling play a pivotal role in sustainable waste management and resource conservation. For Cookers, it’s not just about efficient oil usage – it’s about embracing a circular approach that benefits both businesses and the planet.

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