Council audit helping to reduce loads to landfill

Bayside City Council has conducted an audit and received findings, focusing on methods of reducing the reliance on landfill.

The council is already seeing results from its own food and green service, which was launched in July 2019 and has helped to increase the areas landfill diversion rate by 11 per cent.

The audit highlighted two key issues with the council’s current landfill diversion efforts, the first being the significant amount of food waste being disposed in garbage bins.

The second being the incorrect disposal of recyclables in garbage bins, with materials such as cardboard, glass and aluminium taking up 18 per cent of garbage bins.

The result of these findings was that over half of the average garbage bin contents in Bayside can be recovered, rather than being placed in landfill.

The council already has established education materials, including a dedicated web page as well as a recycling directory.

Bayside residents are being encouraged to register for the food and green waste service, with locals able to start disposing of organics once receiving the dedicated bin.

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