Council improves mattress recycling

mattress recycling

Wollongong City Council is springing into action, awarding a tender to Mattrec Holdings to break down and recycle mattresses at its Port Kembla facility.

Gordon Bradbery AM, Wollongong City Lord Mayor, said that while council already offered mattress recycling, this new contract means more components of each one will be diverted from landfill.

“We have processed more than 19,000 mattresses in the past 12 months,” said Bradbery.

“Achieving a clean and green future for Wollongong requires everyone, from businesses to individuals, to consider the environment in their decision making. We knew we could do more with unwanted mattresses and sought out a tender that will see up to 70 per cent of each one recycled.”

Under the new contract, the steel springs of mattresses will become new steel products, the padding and fabric used in water filtration, and the foam will be reborn as carpet underlay.

“This new contact offers the added environmental benefit of local processing for the mattresses without taking them to Sydney or beyond,” Bradbery said.

Mattrec Australia’s equipment was made locally by Leussink Engineering and uses high-pressure water jets and machines to deconstruct used mattresses into their recyclable materials.

The contract covers mattresses collected through council’s free on-call household clean up service and those dropped off at Wollongong Waste and Resource Recovery Park.

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