Council support for global Plastic Free July program

The Plastic Free July program is expected to be taken up by more than three million Australians this year, with the program encouraging people to be part of a solution to plastic pollution.

Local councils throughout Australia are taking part in the July challenge, aiming to reduce their plastic use.

Councils will also aim to spread solutions to plastic pollution, by connecting homes, workplaces, schools, and business with alternative methods.

Victoria’s Bayside City Council will support residents to not use single-use plastics and reduce rubbish levels in landfill.

The Council has already removed single-use plastics from Council-operated buildings, with plans to remove more single-use plastics throughout the community.

Other initiatives will include the installation of recycling stations throughout the community, drop off locations for soft plastics, upgrading older bins and further promotion for the council’s kerbside food and green waste service.

Residents are being urged to reduce their use of single plastics such as take away coffee cups, plastic shopping bags, plastic straws, and water bottles.

Last year over 300 million people participated in the program globally.

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