COVID-19 response plan for waste sector

covid-19 response plan

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is developing a COVID-19 response plan to ensure that waste can be collected and managed as the pandemic continues to evolve.

To help develop the plan, DELWP has released a survey to collect baseline information that can be used to inform the wider government COVID-19 response and identify potential future interventions to minimise service disruptions.

The survey has been designed to gather a range of information relating to Victorian waste management sector operations, current impacts and support needs. It also provides an opportunity for the sector to advise government of the immediate and imminent service impacts caused by high numbers of close contact and/or positive case isolation requirements and changing waste volumes.

A shorter, weekly survey will capture emerging operational risks and impacts.

Information provided to DELWP will be used to advocate for better outcomes for the waste and recycling sector. This work has already raised the profile of the challenges in the sector and has resulted in changes to furlough requirements for close contacts under the Exemption of Specific Workers who are close contacts in respect of the Pandemic (Quarantine, Isolation and Testing) Order 2022 (No. 4) and Directions given as conditions applicable in respect of the Exemption.

The survey will close on Wednesday, 2 February.

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