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Crown not gambling on recycling strategy success

Crown Resorts Group Manager – Sustainability Jonathan Wood shares how Crown’s ongoing engagement and education strategies with employees and contractors has bolstered recycling rates across the business.

After more than five years with Crown Resorts, Group Manager – Sustainability Jonathan Wood can reflect with great satisfaction
on what he and his colleagues have achieved to embed responsible waste management initiatives across the business. It also marks a successful stage 
in a career for Jonathan, where he oversees improvement in sustainability across a business with multiple facets that welcomes 20 million visitors a year to its Melbourne site alone.

Jonathan began his career in
 2003 as a Mechanical Engineer and Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) Consultant in Melbourne. He relocated to London in 2007 to join 
a leading sustainability engineering consultancy.

After gaining valuable experience in both buildings and operations sustainability, in 2010 Jonathan returned to Australia to join Crown Melbourne as Sustainability and Environment Manager. His areas 
of responsibility have evolved from energy and water issues on premises to include waste, procurement and staff education programs. He now shares the knowledge gained during his career with his peers. “I’m part of a corporate environmental management group, made up of sustainability managers from large organisations, that meets bimonthly to discuss projects and leverage off each other’s successes and lessons learned,” says Jonathan.

He also attends Metropolitan Waste & Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) and Sustainability Victoria seminars, to both gain insights from experts
 and speaking at them to impart his knowledge.

Leadership in sustainability

Crown Resorts has long been investing in, innovating and implementing initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental impact without compromising the comfort or enjoyment of its guests.

“The Board’s objective is to play
a leadership role in environmental sustainability across the entertainment and hospitality industry, and certainly from a waste management point of view, we’re pushing that extremely hard,” Jonathan states. The sustainability commitment focuses on three key pillars: energy efficiency, water conservation and life-cycle management.

In terms of 
the latter, Crown aims to deliver programs to reduce its environmental footprint by raising awareness among employees, customers, contractors and the community, as well as introducing new technology and processes to reduce waste generation and increase recycling. Education and engagement with employees and contractors about recycling has been a strong focus for Crown for the past two years. The attention to and investment in this area has yielded impressive outcomes.


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