Defence Housing aims for One Planet Living

The green aims of container deposit legislation (CDS)

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is hoping to gain One Planet Living Community certification for its Liv Apartments development in East Fremantle – a framework based on sustainability in areas of carbon, waste, transport and food.

“Our aim is to be the first apartment development in Western Australia to achieve recognition as a One Planet Community and
help to lead the industry into more sustainable construction and development in the future,” DHA managing director Jan Mason said.

Liv Apartments is the first apartment development in Western Australia to be registered in the One Planet Living (OPL) program, according to DHA.

DHA said the City of Fremantle was only the second city in the world to achieve recognition as a One Planet City in September 2014.

If successful, Liv Apartments would be only the fifth endorsed One Planet Community in Australia and one of fewer than 20 worldwide.

The OPL Framework is based on ten principles covering areas such as carbon, waste, transport, food and water. Bioregional Australia Foundation manages the OPL certification in Australia.

To reduce waste, DHA is hoping to incorporate a dehydrating unit for retail food waste, with the subsequent compost potentially re-used onsite for gardens.

All 166 units comprising Liv Apartments will feature environmental, energy and water saving initiatives intended to reduce household bills and energy consumption.

These include solar panels, edible gardens, landscape irrigation, a waste reduction strategy, energy saving ceiling fans and public plaza space with lawn.



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