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Glenorie, NSW

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Title FIREBOX S-119
Type Recycling - Refuse
Sub Type Incinerator
Model S-119
Sale Price POA
Listing Type New
Stock Number S0017
RefCode TA1181719


The Fire Boxes are the skid-mounted S-Series machines. They are used as both permanent (stationary) units at landfills or transfer stations or as portable units, for example, in the land clearing or forest industries.

A self-contained, completely assembled above ground Air Curtain Burner (air curtain incinerator or FireBox) with a refractory lined burn-container for portable and permanent (stationary) applications. Designed for the high temperature burning of forest slash, land clearing debris, green waste,storm debris, and other waste streams in compliance with the requirements of US EPA 40CFR60.
General Description

The S-Series machines are portable systems and are transported completely assembled. Depending on the firebox model, they can be transported by Air Burners' custom firebox trailer, low-boy trailer, step-deck trailer, flatbed trailer or in an ocean shipping container (S-100 Series only). The S-Series custom yet universal-use trailers that are self-loading and self-unloading are available from Air Burners, Inc. A custom slide axle trailer is offered for the S-300 Series and a custom tilt-bed tag trailer for the smaller S-200 and S-100 Series fireboxes.

Utilizing a refractory walled enclosure. They are completely self-contained and do not require any setup or teardown. They can be used for portable applications as well as semi-permanent applications.

The refractory lined fire box allows for more controlled burns without the need for an earthen pit or trench. The S-Series units are loaded over the top. The twin doors at the rear of the machine allow for ash removal. The unit can be dragged on its skids around the site for dumping of ash and/or repositioning of the unit. The ash can also be removed by scooping it out with the excavator or other piece of equipment. The area inside the refractory walls is open to the ground.

The patented air disbursement manifold system is mounted on one side of the combustion pit so that the loading of waste to be processed can be facilitated from the opposite side. The principle of the air curtain concept is optimized with this design. High velocity air is directed across and downwards at an angle into the pit creating the air curtain on top and a rotational turbulence within the pit itself. The rotational turbulence provides an oxygen-enriched environment within the combustion zone which accelerates the combustion process by raising the temperatures within the pit to approximately 1,832º F (approx. 1,000º C).

The high velocity air curtain traps the unburned particulates. The end result achieves nearly 100% combustion with minimal escaped particulate and opacity below 10%. The vertical refractory walls not only enhance the efficiency of the air curtain principle, but also aid in the combustion process by retaining and reflecting the high temperatures generated within the chamber.

The volume of material that can be processed per hour is a function of density of the waste material, its moisture content, the employed loading techniques and the time period in which optimum temperatures in the pit can be retained. See specification charts (above on this page) for estimated through put capabilities. Upon completion of the combustion stage, the waste material will be reduced in bulk by 98% leaving only 2% in volume as residual ash. On the average an eight hour burn will be reduced to approximately six to twelve inches of ash.

Ash removal is facilitated through the back of the pit where refractory panel doors can be opened and the ash removed. The entire unit can now be dragged in the forward direction away from the ash pile. Once the ash is dumped, burning can be resumed.

The residual ash from wood waste can either be retrieved and sold to nurseries as a soil amendment, or it can be mixed with the soil right at the location, as the material is non-polluting and becomes a generally desirable soil enhancer.

The S-Series Air Curtain Systems have been engineered and are being manufactured to help meet our ongoing challenges in the volume reduction of various waste streams, and in the recycling of residual waste products through environmentally friendly and economically sound methods. Air Burners Air Curtain Systems are built to last, and incorporate state-of-the-art design and engineering concepts to achieve unparalleled performance.