Product Spotlight

Don’t waste your waste: WasteMaster

WasteMaster is a world-leading environmental technology by Green Eco Technologies – an Australian owned company. The WasteMaster is locally built in Melbourne, engineered to solve the bulk food waste burden and dramatically decrease waste transportation costs.

WasteMaster is a safe, efficient and environmentally beneficial onsite solution that reduces weight and bulk of organic waste by up to 80 per cent. It converts and re-purposes organics into a reusable resource which can be used as clean fuel for power generation through anaerobic digestion or as a solid fuel source. It can also be used for animal fodder or as a soil improver.

There is no requirements to add or discharge water, microorganisms or any other additives. Simply connect to three-phase power.

It is estimated that approximately 3.2 tonnes of landfill gas emissions are prevented for every two tonnes of food waste converted and diverted from landfill sites. The WasteMaster conversion process diverts putrescible food waste from landfill, being flushed into the sewer system or incinerated, helping to reduce the global burden of greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether food waste is from food manufacture or processing, food preparation for meals, cooked food from the kitchen or table waste leftovers, the WasteMaster system cleanly and efficiently converts the waste into a smaller, usable by-product.

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