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Driven by collaboration: Scania and Haulaway

Melbourne-based transport and waste management provider Haulaway is transitioning to a Scania only fleet to support its evolving operations.

Haulaway has been supplying commercial industry, local government and the broader Melbourne community with a wide range of bins, skips and compactors for over 30-years.

In recent years, the company has diversified into heavy haulage and post-collections via a transfer station and recycling centre.

The diversification came off the back of Haulaway picking up a range of contracts on major Victorian infrastructure projects in late 2018, including the Metro Tunnel, Cross Yarra Partnership and West Gate Tunnel projects.

As a family-owned business with three generations and over 70 employees, Haulaway is committed to providing its clients with customer-driven waste management services, and in the process, forging long-term collaborative relationships.

As such, Haulaway relies on similarly supportive partnerships with its vehicle and equipment suppliers.

Jake Hilbert, Haulaway Sales Manager, notes his eight-year relationship with Scania as demonstrative of this collaborative approach to working relationships.

“When you’re dealing with Scania, you’re not just buying a truck – you’re developing a partnership. They’re always flexible and forthcoming with information,” he says.

“My team run the day-to-day operations, but if we have any dramas, our dedicated account manager will get it sorted straight way. They really go above and beyond.”

Hilbert explains that Haulaway used to run a mixed fleet but are now in the process of transitioning into a Scania only operation.

“The main reason is the lifecycle costs. When you look at five to seven years of ownership, Scania trucks are much more financially efficient.”

The company’s Scania range includes two New Truck Generation P 450 8×4 hooklifts – delivering a fuel burn of three kilometres per litre, two Scania R 620 V8s and a Scania 370.

“From a purchase point they’re similar to other brands, but their maintenance costs and fuel burn go well and truly above,” Hilbert says.

Scania trucks also standout from a safety and technological point of view, he explains, with the added benefit of onboard scales.

“When we onboard other trucks we have to put scales in, whereas Scania trucks come with scales as standard,” Hilbert says.

“The weigh scales on the Scania trucks help because it gives us a second set of data to back up the tip-off scales.

“Scania trucks also have inbuilt tracking and fuel reports, so we don’t have to put that technology in ourselves.

“With Scania we have full fleet use transparency, so all across our business we can monitor from the point of selling our service, through the vehicle activity and all the way to invoicing.”

Hilbert gets weekly reports outlining which trucks and which drivers are burning what fuel, as well as how individual operators are driving.

“The reports highlight if a driver has been driving dangerously – there’s a lot of different criteria you can put into the reports, but I focus on safety and fuel burn,” Hilbert says.

“I can read how a driver is behaving, plus if the fuel burn starts to deteriorate, I know maintenance will start going up – so it allows us to be proactive.

“Other brands have the ability to do that, but they don’t do it automatically. Scania has gone that one step further – when you buy the truck, that reporting function comes standard.”

Referring back to Scania’s holistic approach to customer support, Hilbert says that when Haulaway goes out for project tenders Scania likes to provide input.

“Scania doesn’t just provide an indicative price, they say: it’s your decision, but this is what we would recommend. They provide a costing approximate on the truck and fuel burn data, and because they have a lot of demos out there, that fuel data will be relatively accurate,” he says.

As a result, when Hilbert is preparing internal proposals for a new project or truck, he has definitive data to justify his reasoning.

“That makes it a lot easier to prepare business cases and really simplifies the process,” he says.

Hilbert adds that Scania will play a critical role in Haulaway’s growing operations, with the company poised for further expansion.

“We’re growing from a collections point of view, with more efficient trucks helping to drive down costs while improving safety and reliability on the road,” he says.

“We’re also very focused on growing the transfer station and heavy haulage arms of the business and Scania comes into that as well.”

Haulaway have just brought an A-double trailer online, which will see 85 tonnes rolling down Victoria’s highways.

“We’ve got a Scania 730 that’s going to be pulling that, and because you’re dealing with that level of material, reliability becomes even more important,” Hilbert says.

“Scania has shown that they back their product, which makes a big difference.”

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