Driving efficiency one load at a time

Peats Soils' Thinwall trailer fitted with a Keith Walking Floor
As a successful recycled organics business is built on fine margins, Peter Wadewitz of Peats Soils is delighted with the results of his latest purchase – a Thinwall trailer fitted with a Keith Walking Floor.

With more than 45 years in business under their belt, the Peats Soils team understands the importance of value for money, whether that’s in the service they offer or the equipment they use.

Based in Brinkley, South Australia, the firm runs three depots and employs 80 staff for its activities around receiving, processing and marketing recyclable organic products in bulk and bag forms.

Earlier this year, Managing Director Peter Wadewitz was looking for a lightweight and faster unloading solution for carting and tipping green waste.

“At the time, he was considering moving away from moving floors to another option,” says Barry Fennell, Managing Director of Thinwall Trailers. Barry’s company is the exclusive agent for Titan Trailers, which manufactures bulk haulage trailers for the waste, forestry, agriculture and civil construction industries in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The Canada-based firm builds trailers for demanding applications using its patented “Thinwall” technology, which is lightweight but strong, thanks to using double- welded, double-walled, heavy duty aluminium.

Barry invited the Peats Soils team to see a trial of its Titan trailer fitted with a Keith Walking Floor pitted against a tipper.

Thinwall demonstrated how much the new trailer could carry, offering a 27-tonne payload and an unloading time of five minutes. This means 
the operator can handle more loads each day of materials such as bark, mulch, woodchip, branches and small tree stumps.

“As our unit pulled into the Peats Soil yard, there was another moving floor trailer unloading,” Barry recalls. “It unloaded, retracted and drove out, while Peter’s trailer was still emptying. It’s designed with productivity
in mind.”

Peter was suitably convinced and ordered a 14.6-metre model pre- installed with a Keith Running Floor II Woodchip Walking Floor system.

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For more more details on the Thinwall Trailers range, visit the company website – www.thinwalltrailers.com.au.

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