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East Waste driving behavioural change

Speaking at the 2021 Waste Conference, Megan Bekeski of East Waste highlighted the importance of delivering education and behavioural change regarding waste.

As the Education and Promotions Coordinator at East Waste, Bekeski has overseen the implementations of numerous promotions and campaigns aimed at educating households and businesses.

These campaigns included information regarding waste aspects, such as correct household recycling and making material accessible.

Bekeski stressed the importance of inflicting behavioural change, with many households and families believing that they understand how to recycle correctly, even though they don’t.

Bekeski initiated an investigation into video games, to construct an education program that would offer aspects shared with games such as: incentives and rewards, shareable moments, challenges and rewards and depth and sophistication.

Finding a way to communicate information about waste disposal effectively has now become a priority for East Waste and Bekeski, with further studies being implemented into waste related behaviours.

The 2021 Waste Conference is running until Thursday 6th of May, with conferences being broadcast online for guests unable to attend the Coffs Harbour Waste Management Conference

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