Efficiency is a step towards sustainability

Efficiency is a step towards sustainability

Improved efficiency in material processing and transformed green credentials go hand in hand with an ALLU Transformer bucket.

ALLU Transformers are purpose-built hydraulic attachments that reduce the number of process steps needed to efficiently transform waste into useable material.

Excavated waste materials are transformed and reused on site rather than being sent to landfill. Less transportation of materials, less fuel consumption, less landfill and recycling of waste materials are all steps toward environmental sustainability.

The ALLU made light work of a construction site in the Adelaide CBD which required removal of a large soil deposit full of rocks, building materials, roots and other debris.

Rather than disposing the waste soil to landfill, which would have been a significant cost, an ALLU Transformer attached to a Kobelco SK 135S screened and processed the soil and reduced the amount of unusable waste by 70 per cent.

The processing bucket, the most versatile in Australia, allows for waste material to be loaded directly to a disposal truck during screening and processing – decreasing job time and allowing contractors to move to the next job more quickly.

The one-step machine process reduces the need for extra machines or extra steps on the job.

At the Adelaide construction site, the processed soil was re-used on site, reducing the need to transport waste. The contractor saved on transportation costs, halved the landfill payments and added to their environment footprint by recycling the leftover material.

Manufactured for more than 30 years and distributed to more than 30 countries, ALLU Transformers are available in Australia via a dedicated dealership network.

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