Efficiency unleashed: revolutionising dewatering pumps with NSK


Groundwater acts as a major contributor to streams and rivers and plays a huge role in wetland habitats for Australia’s flora and fauna. Individuals have been using groundwater for thousands of years – making it a major contributor in the use of drinking water and irrigation today. 

Dewatering pump technology can gather and remove water in areas where it is not needed and can take it to plants where it can be recycled and distributed to state and local areas. Particularly, in areas such as building and construction projects, the waterfront, or places that receive regular heavy rainfall – dewatering is critical.

Australia has seen an increase in rainfall over the past few years in areas positioned in low lying land. Further to this, flood recovery projects have heightened the demand for effective dewatering pump solutions.

Dewatering pump manufacturing involves complex engineered parts, including motors, seals and bearings. As with any rotational moving equipment, bearings play a key role in the successful operation of dewatering pumps.

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