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ELDAN Recycling’s Separation Table

As the circular economy is growing all over the world and demand for high-quality recycled products increases, one of the most important factors is ensuring output purity.

Having as few contaminants as possible in the output will not only result in better products, but also a better selling price.

For this, ELDAN Separation Tables’ prove themselves reliable companions to recyclers processing many different types of scrap, such as cables, electronic and electrical waste, aluminium scrap and end-of-life tyres.

The basic construction ELDAN’s Separation Tables consists of a grading deck with an air distribution plate and upper covered with a woven steel cloth with mesh size depending on input type and output size.

The deck can be easily adjusted in both speed, deck stroke length, air intake volume and deck inclination.

The outlet section is equipped with adjustable flaps to guide the product to the product outlets. Purity is up to 99.9 per cent, and unopened material is sent back for re-cutting to ensure minimum material loss.

No matter if you want to ensure a pure metal output or produce virtually black rubber granulate, the ELDAN Separation Tables have your back.

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