EPA NSW Tracks Asbestos & Tyre Waste With WasteLocate

A new online system will enable the monitoring of transportation and management of waste tyres and asbestos within NSW.

WasteLocate has been designed in consultation with industry representatives, relevant government agencies and local government. It allows EPA NSW to gather information on the movement of these materials within the state and improve target enforcement and compliance activities, while minimising the impact on legitimate businesses.

The Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014 requires the transport of waste tyres or asbestos in NSW to be recorded from the place of generation to its final destination. Operators that use the WasteLocate system will comply with these requirements.

WasteLocate uses scanning technology, so that operators can use a smartphone or tablet to record movements of consignments, negating the need to manually re-enter or update details.

The system has been designed to operate using QR2id codes, which are similar to the two-dimensional barcodes found on flyers enabling readers to access websites by scanning them.

Details of consignments of waste tyres and asbestos will be recorded in the system. Transporters can then easily record collecting and delivering the consignment by scanning QR2id codes displayed in fixed plates at pick-up and drop-off locations.

More details on WasteLocate and the Asbestos & Waste Tyre Guidelines are available on the EPA NSW website.

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