EPA SA Issues First Fine For Fraudulent CDS Claim

Aluminium cans for recycling
EPA South Australia recently negotiated a civil penalty against a firm that obtained an illegal benefit from the state’s Container Deposit Scheme.

Michael Belperio, a director at Spectrum Transport Systems in Para Hills, agreed to pay a civil penalty of almost $6,000 after admitting to his company’s liability over an incident that took place last year.

An EPA investigation found that Mr Belperio had directed an employee to cash-in more than 2,400 drinks cans. The employee was subsequently paid a total refund of $243.30 by a recycling centre.

The EPA later determined that the cans were not bought in South Australia and therefore not authorised for a refund, contravening the Environment Protection Act 1993.

Mr Belperio agreed to pay the fine of $5,890.50 and to return the cans to their state of origin, Queensland.

This is the first negotiated civil penalty for containers since the introduction of container deposit legislation in South Australia in 1977.

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