EPA VIC approves Camperdown Compost expansion

EPA Victoria has approved a plan to expand and upgrade the Camperdown Compost Company’s facility at Gnotuk in southwestern Victoria.

The expansion will see the facility go from an existing licensed capacity of 24,000 tonnes per year to 50,000 tonnes, with upgrades to it’s composting technology and site infrastructure.

Waste to be accepted includes green organic waste, food waste, animal effluent waste, food and beverage processing waste and industrial wash water wastes.

Liquid and solid organic waste will be processed by biological drying through an aerated static pile composting process to pasteurise the waste, followed by an open turned windrow process to compost and mature the product.

The facility is expected to produce up to 22,000 tonnes of finished compost each year, which will be used by farmers across southwestern Victoria.

The EPA’s Works Approval assessment was carried out jointly with a Shire of Corangamite planning permit application, and has included two periods of public submissions.

In giving the project its approval, the EPA has included routine Works Approval conditions as well as specific conditions that require Camperdown Compost to lodge a full construction environmental management plan with the EPA, as well as detailed plans for the commissioning and operation of the plant.

Under the Works Approval, Camperdown Compost will also have to ensure environmental monitoring, construction noise limits, proper liquid storage and handling and prevention of contamination to ground and surface water.

The proposed expansion and upgrade of the facility must also acquire an EPA licence to operate before it can go ahead.

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