EPA’s Broderick Road clean up nears completion

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Almost 90 per cent of the total waste onsite at the start of the Broderick Road Clean Up Project has now been removed.

Michael Fitzgerald, Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria Broderick Road Clean Up Project Manager said more than 252,474m3 of waste had been removed from the Lara property.

Fitzgerald said waste removal was on track to be complete in June 2022, at the current rate of works.

“Each week thousands of cubic metres of waste are removed from the Broderick Road site and transported to licensed landfills, reducing the hazard onsite and bringing us a step closer to finishing this significant project,” Fitzgerald said.

“The project team is conducting testing and surveying of the site to ensure that once the final stockpile is removed the site will no longer pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment.

“This testing will include ground penetrating radar scans to check below the surface of the former stockpiles. When waste removal is complete the site will also be assessed by an independent occupational hygienist.”

EPA has been working on the clean-up since September 2019. At the start of the clean-up there was about 286,200m3 of waste stockpiled onsite, including 26,600m3 of timber, 7600m3 of soil and about 252,000m3 of mixed construction and demolition waste spread across four main stockpiles. Mixed waste stockpiles included timber, concrete, bricks, soil, plaster, plastic, glass and ceramics.

Fitzgerald said the final cost of the clean-up would be determined once the project was complete.

For more information, visit: epa.vic.gov.au/broderick-road

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