Epworth showing returns from recycling

Epworth showing returns from recycling

The Epworth HealthCare centre has announced its results from a 12-month trial, in which the centre recycled organics and medical equipment.

Around 30 tonnes of food waste, Medical equipment and uniforms were recycled, re-using materials that would regularly be sent to landfill.

The trial was funded by the City of Yarra and Sustainability Victoria, who found that the remaining food scraps were able to provide power to over 1500 homes once turned into fuel generating residue.

Nicole Waldron, the Chief Operations officer of Hospitals, said the trial should be an example of the potential of recycling hospital organics and garments.

“Becoming more sustainable is a priority for Epworth. We must protect the environment and ensures resources are used responsibly,” she said.

The Epworth has continued its recycling efforts, also recovering eight tonnes of fluid bags, oxygen tubing and oxygen masks.

Former Epworth employees have also been given the chance to contribute to the trial, with over 400 kilograms of old uniforms being collected for recycling.

These uniforms are then recovered and manufactured into blankets, rugs and components for carpet.

The Epworth’s Group Sustainability Manager Simon Mikedis said the efforts are essential to the operation of the Epworth HealthCare.

“The program diverted eight tonnes of PVC from landfill, saving more than $6,000 in tipping fees, which is important as Epworth is Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private hospital group,” he said.

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