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Eriez Metalarm 6600

Eriez PET Recycling and Polystyrenes Metalarm 6600
The Eriez Metalarm 6600 is low cost and easy to install. It features a small, lightweight control unit, and can be directly attached to lightweight conveyors. The equipment can detect both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The model provides a solution to many metal detection problems and helps prevent damage to machinery resulting in lower repair costs and downtime. The detector’s sensing height covers the full belt width.

The Metalarm 6600 features fail-safe electronics, with plug-in search coils, and a fully removable printed circuit board for easy maintenance. It complies with CE-EMC regulations, and is less prone to electrical noise. Its Surface Mount Technology (SMT) interface improves reliability.

Due to the increase in recycled product value, customers who invest in the product will see a quick pay-back.

Eriez offers other metal detector options, including 
the Metalarm 3000 for inspecting mouldings for metal contamination; Balanced Coil for checking plastic containers before food industry use; the Metalarm 7000 for checking plastic sheet materials; and the Metalarm HandyTec Handheld Unit for pinpointing the position 
of metal in sheet materials.


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