Event Showcases Metal Recycling Innovations

Event Showcases Metal Recycling Innovations

Redwave is holding metal recycling days to share its sorting technology innovations with resource recovery firms.

The Austria-based recycling equipment manufacturer is inviting interested parties to the events at BT-Wolfgang Binder plant in Gleisdorf between 30 September and 2 October. It will feature seminars and discussions from experts in metals recycling, and demonstrations of Redwave equipment.

In particular, Redwave will be providing in-depth information and a live demonstration of its new generation XRF (X-ray fluorescence) sorting machines for the metals resource recovery sector.

The Redwave XRF sorting system has set new standards in metals sorting, especially non-ferrous metals. Compared with camera-based methods, for example, it can accurately detect and separate dirty or varied-coloured fragments of copper and brass. XRF can also distinguish between metals of the same or similar colour.

For more information on its products or on the events, visit the Redwave website