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Expanding the baler market: Material Recovery Solutions

As the exclusive agent for Godswill balers in Australia and New Zealand, Marcus Corrigan of Material Recovery Solutions details the company’s approach to robust and high-throughput bailing.   

With the Council of Australian Government’s export ban on paper and cardboard set to take effect in 2024, a raft of opportunity is opening up to develop Australia’s domestic processing capacity.

This is highlighted in the NSW Government’s recent call for an industry partner to co-develop a funding proposal for new paper and cardboard processing capacity, with similar calls expected in other states and territories.

According to Marcus Corrigan, Material Recovery Solutions (MRS) Managing Director, current waste sector developments present an opportunity to expand market scope for the Queensland-based company.

With the ability to bale material efficiently and at maximum capacity a priority for facilities dealing with large volumes of recyclable material, Corrigan highlights MRS’ role as the exclusive agent for Goodwill balers in Australian and New Zealand.

“We at MRS have built a strong professional relationship with Godswill and work closely with them to ensure all Godswill Baler products are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Australian and New Zealand Markets,” he says.

MRS offer an impressive range of Godswill balers, including but not limited to, auto channel balers, semi closed length balers and auto two ram balers. Corrigan adds that MRS can custom design balers to meet specific customer needs.

“It is imperative that all our products are robust in design, built for longevity, offer export level bale weights and confirm to the relevant Australian and New Zealand Acts and standards,” he says.

“With over 200 balers in operation since 2004 in Australia and New Zealand, we have built a strong customer base where reliability and extensive after sales are the corner stone of our business model.”

Corrigan says that 90 per cent of MRS’ new sales come from existing customers, highlighting the quality of the Godswill product and MRS’ customer centric approach.

“We deem Godswill to be the standard in Australia for medium to high throughput applications were reliability and longevity is paramount,” he explains.

Corrigan emphasises the GB1111F baler as a particular standout of the MRS Godswill range. The auto channel baler – 1.1 metres squared by 1.8 metre bale size – runs on a 135-kilowatt hydraulic system, with real world throughput when complemented with a suitable feed conveyor.

The machine configuration can bale cardboard and paper at a rate of 18 and 22 tonnes per hour respectively.

All Godswill Balers have a Human Machine Interface that allows operators to monitor or adjust the machine parameters for different materials, as well as troubleshoot problems.

Corrigan adds that MRS’ range of Godswill balers feature modular hydraulic systems, which allow MRS to increase kilowatt packages to tailer the baler’s configuration to suit customer requirements.

“Hydraulic systems are designed to be highly efficient, offering regenerative oil management, energy efficient components and variable frequency drives, with variable speed controllers to optimise low-load stages of the baling cycle,” he says.

“Additionally, our baler platen (pushing trolleys) are mounted on heavy duty rollers to minimise frictions and boost efficiency.”

As an added value proposition in light of current supply chain disruptions, Corrigan notes that MRS manufacture a suite of equipment inhouse to complement its Godswill baler range.

Australian-made MRS equipment includes feed conveyors, access and structural devices, screeners, separators and automated collection truck bodies. MRS also provide a range of turnkey solutions, including but not limited to, material recovery facilities and document destruction.

“We have invested over $400,000 in the past 12 months on machinery to bring as much of the manufacturing process inhouse as possible,” he says.

“With the correct machinery, developed work force and efficient design choices we are proving, MRS is committed to growing onshore manufacturing and local employment.”

With a dedicated team of 10 experienced engineers, technicians and fabricators based in South-East Queensland, and experienced contractors in most metro areas nationally, MRS are able to support their customers with fast turnaround times.

“To enable our aftersales, we stock $500,000 worth of spare parts for Godswill Balers and Accent Wire Tie, with a fully fitted machine shop to manufacture any additional parts including custom items when needed,” Corrigan says.

Furthermore, MRS provide regular service and maintenance, in addition to supplying competitively priced consumable item such as baling wire.

“MRS is fully committed to maintaining close relationships with our customers from the point of install, throughout the equipment operational life,” Corrigan says.

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